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  • Bryant Stone

Will You Have Multiple Sources of Income In Retirement?

When it comes to planning for a more comfortable and secure retirement, a robust and well-balanced investment portfolio is not an asset that should be taken lightly. Relying solely on federal-assistance programs and pension plans in order to provide income after retiring from the workforce may prove to be nothing short of a disaster, especially for retirees who may require additional funds and fin

ancial resources in order to enjoy a more comfortable standard of living. Finding and selecting the right investments is something that should be done as early as possible in order to ensure that long-term financial plans are as effective and successful as possible.

Stocks and Short-Term Investments

While stocks are often seen as a more volatile asset, especially when compared to the more stable and secure options that may be found within the bond-market, the opportunity to enjoy greater short-term gains can often be an important one. A standard rule for retirement investing is to create stock-heavy portfolios during the early stages before shifting focus to bonds and other long-term assets. Stocks may allow for greater short-term gains and can be an essential asset when it comes to growing wealth in order to generate more investment capital.

Bonds and Long-Term Assets

While bond-holdings do mature over time, bonds that pay out at set intervals are often an ideal resource for retirees seeking to supplement their income and existing financial holdings over the long-term. Acquiring bonds early on can be of greater potential benefit as long-term bonds are often able to provide superior yields and more lucrative returns. Retirees who are planning for the future may also be able to benefit from the superior long-term financial security that only the bond market may be able to offer. From the most humble savings account to the largest mutual funds, bonds are not an asset that should be overlooked, especially for those who are interested in finding the best ways to invest in the future.

Real Estate and Property Holdings

While financial markets are vital for constructing an investment portfolio able to generate superior returns or supplement long-term income, there are other markets and opportunities that are well worth exploring. Selecting a family home that is more likely to appreciate in value over the years or seeking out investment properties may prove to be a very lucrative strategy. Selling even a modest property can often provide the financial resources needed to deal with a variety of long-term expenses. Real estate can often be an asset of tremendous value when it comes to ensuring that long-term financial or retirement planning efforts are met with greater success.

Seeking Professional Assistance

With so many different opportunities and strategies to consider, those who have limited experience dealing with financial matters can quickly find themselves feeling lost or overwhelmed. Working alongside an accountant, financial advisor or other professionals can ensure that planning for the future is done with greater ease. Finding and selecting the investments and opportunities that may be needed in order to provide lasting financial security and comfort can be a much easier undertaking for those who have the assistance that only an experienced professional may be able to bring to the table.

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